Monday, October 21, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking President

I swear, Barack Obama has to be the pettiest person to ever occupy the White House.  He doesn't have an ounce of humility in his whole body.  He's the sort of person who never once heard the word "no" until he was an adult, and now treats even the slightest disagreement as if it were an act of treason or terrorism.  He's the sort of person who can't handle even the most innocuous criticism, but thinks falsely accusing his opponent of giving a woman cancer is just part of the rough and tumble of politics.  He's the sort of person who would send riot police after veterans to keep them out of their own memorials just to add to the pain he wants to scapegoat Republicans for.

Obama really thought that running for president itself would be the only experience he needed to qualify for the job, just because he's so darned special.  Résumés weren't meant for people like him; those are for the little people.  It worked, though.  He got elected.  Twice.  And after five years of being the least presidential president ever, he's still campaigning.  For what, I don't know.  He can't legally run for a third term in 2016 anyway.  It's almost as if his whole presidency has just been a campaign to get his own show on MSNBC.  Why not?  He seems to get pettier with each passing day, and I don't expect him to be any less petty once he's out of office.  He'd fit right in there.

At what point will people begin to hold Obama accountable for his own failures?  Just how petty and vile does the man have to get before people finally see him for what he really is?