Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm a poet and I didn't even know it

Poetweet is an interesting website that takes a Twitter handle and uses it to generate a poem based on that person's tweets.  It can make three different kinds of poems: sonnet, rondel, and indriso.  It can be quite amusing, but if you use it on the same handle more than once the same sentence fragments start to appear over and over again, so it tends to get repetitive very quickly; also, the randomness of it often comes across as just plain nonsensical rather than absurdly funny.

That being said, I found the idea of making a poem out of tweets interesting enough that I thought I'd try to piece one together manually from some of my own tweets and partial tweets.  In some places I mashed a couple tweets together or rearranged the words a bit, but it's all stuff I scraped from my timeline; I didn't add anything extra.  Anyway, here it is, in all its glory:

The King of Empty Promises
by A.J. Winkelspecht

The rich don't pay their fair share.  Let's just put our money in a big pile and split it.
The world can't be fair until we're all lying face down in the same gutter.
Pushing for policies that have failed every single time they were tried.  Same old shit.

Facts are indeed stubborn things... such a shame that so many Democrats are stubborner.
A dishonest MSM.  False and deceptive is their bread and butter.
Every street, a Folsom Street Fair.  Subsidized abortions on every corner.

That's what they want, that's why they lie.
You trying to make us laugh or cry?.

Booing God and Israel.  Washing Obama's feet and anointing him with oil.
Progressives have a king today, now it's Cloward-Piven all the way!
Forward into the beckoning chasm of debt and unemployment and tyranny.

What the hell is this?  Hope?  Change?
If Obama's explicit goal was to see America ruined and Israel destroyed, what would he be doing any differently?

That's what they want, that's why they lie.
The end is extremely fucking nigh.