My name is A.J. Winkelspecht, but I'll be blogging here under the name Crazy Bald Guy.  I've recently come back to blogging after spending a few years holed up in the basement eating bugs and drinking my own urine.  I'll be using this blog to rant and rave about politics, the media, pop culture, and whatever else happens to get my dander up.

My old blog went poof but some of it was preserved by the wayback machine if you'd like to dig through some of my old posts there.  (And the Watcher's Council blogging group I started way back when is still going strong at the new Watcher of Weasels blog, now run by Rob Miller of JoshuaPundit.)

I also started a WordPress blog, but was very unhappy with how difficult they made it to change anything with the free version of WordPress, so I went with Blogger instead.  The full version of WordPress lets you do all kinds of fancy stuff with PHP and whatnot, but here I can at least use a bit of javascript and I am able to modify some of the HTML/CSS, which I can't do in WordPress without throwing some money around.  I'll keep the WordPress blog as a backup though for the times when Blogspot goes kaput.

I'll try to post what I can here, but I will eventually be posting things to Twitter and Youtube too, so look for me there if blogging seems to be light.

Update:  Rob Miller coaxed me into an interview about blogging and the origins of the Watcher's Council.