Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A new year, a new season of Justified

Happy New Year!  Happy as it can be anyway, considering how awful last year was and how much worse things seem to be getting for us every single day.  Sigh.

At least there's one small part of 2014 that I know I can count on being really awesome:

Season 5 of Justified sure is off to a great start.  It somehow seems to get better every single year.  It's a rare thing to see a show that consistently clicks on all cylinders the way this show does.  In a world where so many awful shows seem to limp along forever, long past the time when they should have been canceled, it's nice to see how great a show can be when the people making it actually give a shit.

Lots of other shows end up trying to use stunt casting to make up for their awful writing, but with Justified you have a terrific cast from top to bottom that's always given terrific material to work from.  Lots of new faces this season.  Michael Rapaport, Alicia Witt, Amy Smart, David Koechner, Will Sasso, Dave Foley, and Xander Berkeley will be appearing this season.  It'll be interesting to see how many of the new faces will survive this season and maybe even be back for the next one.

If you're suffering Breaking Bad withdrawal and haven't given Justified a chance yet for some strange reason, you should definitely consider catching up on the first four seasons.