Thursday, January 19, 2012

Supply and Demand

Comcast has a great feature called On Demand that lets you watch shows whenever you want... well, it's great when they happen to have what you want to see, not so great when they don't.  They have tons and tons of shows listed in the On Demand menu, most of which I never even heard of, and yet there are many times when very popular shows aren't listed.

And what gets listed changes all the time, with very little rhyme or reason to it... one season House is not available, the next it is.  Chuck was available, but then it mysteriously disappeared from the On Demand menu after a mid-season break.  You just never know what shows are going to be available or for how long... it's very frustrating.

Are all cable providers this flaky about their On Demand shows, or am I just unlucky?

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