Saturday, March 3, 2012

RIP Andrew Breitbart

I didn't know Andrew Breitbart, but I certainly knew of him... it seemed like whenever the vile nature of the radical left was being exposed, he was always standing right there in the middle of it with a big smile on his face.

I was very sad to learn that Andrew passed away the other day.  His death came as quite a shock.  Much less shocking, unfortunately, was the left's disgusting reaction to it... twitter exploded into an orgy of vitriolic hatred, with some of Andrew's friends retweeting the hateful messages being left for him, as he surely would have done himself if he were still here.  How appropriate that, in death, as he did in life, he still manages to sucker so many of those despicable creeps into showing us what kind of monsters they really are.

Here's a tribute to Andrew from his friends at Red Eye:

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