Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where's the stolen oil I keep hearing about?

I can't believe I'm still hearing the same stupid "war for oil" talking points now that I was hearing back when Saddam Hussein was cowering in his spider hole.  I was talking to some friends earlier today and had to listen to a few of them saying Iraq was a lie, it had nothing to do with liberating anyone, it was all about oil, it was all a big joke, blah blah blah.

Well, Iraqis are free, aren't they?  Their government is far from perfect, but at least it's theirs now.  And where is all the oil we stole?  Seems like we could sure could use some of it right about now.

The rape rooms are gone.  Iraqis aren't being shoved feet first into giant shredding machines anymore.  Saddam isn't funding terrorism anymore, or buying votes on the U.N. Security Council, or doing his best to acquire WMDs, or gassing his own people, or forcing droves of people to the polls at gunpoint to vote for him.  But it's really all about that oil we stole that we don't seem to have anywhere, right?



  1. Hi CBG,
    To answer your questions,after Saddam set Iraq's oil wells on fire and Halliburton miraculously saved them, we never used any of the profits from the oil to pay for the cost of rebuilding the country but gave it to the Iranian government once we established it. In the end, the Chinese got the oil leases.

    As for the place being free, what we left there was a Shi'ite Islamic Republic ruled by Maliki, who's in power as part of Moqtada al-Sadr's Iranian proxy Shi'ite bloc.Remember the Mahdi Army? Same guy.

    The elections they had for parliament would have embarrassed a Chicago alderman, and the place is well on the way to becoming an Iranian colony ala' Lebanon.

    The laws are based on sharia and half of the country's Christians have either left or been driven out - which happened on our watch btw.The Sunnis have again been marginalized, as have the Kurds, who were our only real allies there in the first place.

    Isn't Arab democracy wonderful?


  2. Yeah, I know there are some big problems there. I was extremely unhappy with the way their constitution was written, and I know there are some major problems with corruption. Where it goes from here, I don't know... but I'm glad that we at least made the attempt because Saddam needed to be dealt with.