Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why is Jack Lew so loopy?

This man's signature could soon be on our money:

That mess of loops is supposed to be Jack Lew's signature.  He's currently serving as White House Chief of Staff, but he's been nominated by President Obama to replace Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury... if confirmed, his signature would have to be printed on our currency.  Presumably, the signature will be fixed beforehand in the same manner that Geithner's was... but I just wonder what it says about him (about both of them, actually) that such a thing is even necessary.

What kind of a man can't be bothered to spell his own name right?  Is this laziness?  Arrogance?  Something else?  I don't know, I can't make sense of it.

Are those loops even supposed to be letters?  If they are, I count eight of them... is one of them meant to be his middle initial?  Or maybe it's meant to be read as Jacob Lew, not Jack Lew... that's another weird thing about this, why does everyone call him Jack?  Jack is usually a nickname for John, isn't it?  Never in my life have I met a Jacob who went by the name Jack... Jake maybe, but never Jack.

I'm not saying this should be a reason for Republicans to oppose him at his confirmation hearing... I just find it odd, that's all.  I know nothing about the guy, I can't say whether he's qualified or not... I take it as a given that anyone Obama picks is going to suck anyway, so all I can do is shrug and hope that Lew somehow manages to not suck as badly as Geithner did.

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