Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama to win an Emmy?

Hey, remember that painfully unfunny "Between Two Ferns" skit where President Obama spouted dishonest Obamacare talking points in between exchanging really dumb insults with Zach Galifianakas?  It just got nominated for an Emmy.  No, really.

And you know it has to win, too.  It just has to.  These fucking Obama cultists wouldn't nominate their deity for such an award if he wasn't guaranteed to win.  Fine.  Give it to him.  Give him an award for making an awful infomercial while the word burns, our economy withers, and victimized children pile across our southern border by the tens of thousands, bringing lice, scabies, and tuberculosis along with them.  Give him an Emmy.  He already has a Nobel Prize and two Grammys under his belt, go ahead and give him another award just for being him.  Then you can give him a Tony and an Oscar, while you're at it.  And a Peabody.  And a Super Bowl ring.  And the Medal of Honor.  And the key to every city in America.  And then you can literally start giving him individual awards for every single poopie that he makes.  And the world will continue to crumble, but at least Obama will feel really good about himself while it's crumbling, and that's all that really matters, right?

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