Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cosby Doctrine

Jay Tea over at WizBang takes a lesson from one of Bill Cosby's standup routines and tries to apply it to the situation in the Middle East:
But what they did — where they failed to observe the Cosby Doctrine — was they didn’t look beyond getting rid of the dictator. They didn’t ask themselves the most important question: will this make things better? As bad as these dictators are, are we saying that any change would be an improvement?

In brief, they said “things can’t get worse.”

And worse said “oh, yeah?” Next thing you know, Coptic Christians in Egypt are getting run over by tanks and Libyans are looking at each other and saying “Shariah law? Who the hell wanted that?”
Even if we ignore our own self-interest here for a minute, what have you really accomplished for the people of Egypt and Libya if you just end up trading one form of tyranny for another?

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