Saturday, October 8, 2011


Pardon the mess, this is my first post and I'm still getting things set up here.

More to come soon... in the meantime, since today is this blog's birthday,  I'll start things off with some nifty factoids about today's date.

Celebrities born on October 8th:  Frank Herbert(1920), Paul Hogan(1939), Harvey Pekar(1939), Jesse Jackson(1941), Chevy Chase(1943), R.L. Stine(1943), Dennis Kucinich(1943), Johnny Ramone(1948), Sigourney Weaver(1949), Darrell Hammond(1955), Stephanie Zimbalist(1956), Nick Bakay(1959), Peter Greene(1965), Emily Procter(1967), Julia Ann(1969), Jeremy Davies(1969), Matt Damon(1970), Soon-Yi Previn(1970), Bruno Mars(1985), and Molly C. Quinn(1993).

Politicians who died on October 8th:  John Hancock(1793), Franklin Pierce(1869), Wendell Willkie(1944), and Prescott Bush(1972).

The Great Chicago Fire started on October 8th, 1871.

Bruno Hauptmann was indicted on October 8th, 1934 for the murder of Charles Lindbergh's infant son.

(Some sites list Che Gevuara's death as being on October 8th, 1967 but that was the date of his capture... he wasn't actually executed until the next day.)

The Weather Underground started The Days of Rage riots on October 8th, 1969.

Tom Ridge was sworn in as the first Office of Homeland Security Advisor on October 8th, 2001.

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