Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I can sort of understand why Newt Gingrich might initially benefit from Herman Cain's recent drop in the polls, but why is Newt still doing so well after announcing his silly immigration proposals?  Especially when you consider how much damage Rick Perry did to himself with his infamous "heartless" remark in response to a question about in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

In terms of policy, Perry's stance on immigration should actually be easier to defend than Newt's.  Yet, somehow, Perry's gaffe has led to an implosion of his poll numbers, and paved the way for Cain to be in the lead, at least for a while... and now Newt seems to be replacing Cain as the new anti-Romney, but can that really last if Newt is proposing what amounts to a sort of amnesty?  If Perry's poll numbers have dwindled all the way down to Ron Paul levels, how will Newt ever manage to remain the frontrunner?

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