Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oy, gevalt!

Writing at Yid With Lid, Jeff Dunetz has this to say about Occupy Boston's attempted takeover of the Israeli Consulate this weekend:
The attempted attack on the consulate should be a big surprise to people who read the mainstream media because they have been reporting the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic incidents coming from the Occupy protests were the product of a few lone-wolf nuts. This particular Anti-Israel event wasn't a fringe group or a lone nut, it was an officially sanctioned Occupy Boston event.

Thankfully they didn't get into the consulate - only the building's lobby, but even if they got to the embassy there would have been no one there because these Occupy "friends of the Jewish Community," forgot that Consulates of the Jewish State are closed on the Jewish Sabbath.
(found via Right Truth)

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