Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama's poll numbers are in the toilet

The Obama campaign has thrown everything at Mitt Romney but the kitchen sink.  For weeks on end we've heard nothing but constant bitching and moaning about Swiss bank accounts and Romney's time at Bain Capital.  Romney has even been called a felon by these lunatics.  (Naturally, the people promoting insane conspiracy theories about Romney's time at Bain seem to have no problem whatsoever with Obama taking campaign donations from Bain.)

And what does Obama have to show for this relentless campaign of dishonest attacks?  The latest CBS/NYT poll shows Romney in the lead for the first time... it's only a one point lead, but the internals of the poll look terrible for Obama.  And the latest Rasmussen poll has uncommitted voters giving Obama a paltry 29% job approval rating.

Please, give us more of your idiotic conspiracy theories, and keep telling small business owners that they didn't build anything... let's see if we can widen Romney's lead to double digits.  Then maybe Obama will start to tell us we should spread the poll numbers around because it's good for everybody.

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