Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises, WBC hits new low

James Holmes is a fucking lunatic.  He murdered 12 people and injured many more, all because they wanted to see the latest Batman movie... and he took the trouble to boobytrap his apartment with explosives in the hopes that he could also kill some of the police.  He's so out of his mind he thinks that the Joker's hair is supposed to be red, not green.  (It's easy to see how someone as crazy as him might be involved with OWS, but let's not go spreading around photoshops and bad info... all that does is make conservatives look bad.)

He's so batshit insane that he has the Westboro Baptist Church solidly in his corner... that's pretty bad.  They say he was sent by God to shoot all those people, so they plan to protest at all the victims' funerals.  Wow, I never knew that God hated Batman so much.

I'm really glad that the "Batman Killer" moniker doesn't seem to be catching on.  Apart from the horrendous movies that Joel Schumacher made, I've always been a huge fan of all things Batman... I've especially enjoyed the first two movies in this rebooted Batman trilogy, and I really look forward to seeing the third.  Red Letter Media gave a pretty positive review of The Dark Knight Rises:

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