Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney's best town hall debate moment

Tuesday's town hall debate was mostly a wash.  Romney won on substance, but Obama won on style.  And by style I mean interrupting constantly and telling outrageous lies in that stupid voice that sounds like he's trying to do an impression of Fred Armisen's Obama impression.  

This was Romney's best moment:

Obama got a lot of shots in, but he didn't have any single moment in the entire debate that even came close to being as effective as that moment of Romney's.  Romney completely laid waste to Obama's pathetic record and all Obama could do was just sit there and take it.  What was supposedly Obama's best moment came during an answer to a question about Benghazi... but after the debate was over even Obama had to concede to the questioner that Romney's point was correct.  I have a feeling this point will be revisited in the next debate, which will focus on foreign policy issues.  Hopefully by then Romney will also have a better response ready for Obama's faux outrage.  And in the meantime the rest of us will be talking about Benghazi:

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