Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts on the final debate

I was hoping that Obama would get clobbered on Benghazi in the foreign policy debate, but that didn't happen.  Romney's strategy seemed to be to just make himself look like a plausible commander-in-chief. I thought he succeeded in doing that.  Not only was he plausible, I thought he looked much more presidential than our current commander-in-chief.  Obama was behaving more like an internet troll than a sitting president.  If Obama's only goal was to show independent voters what a petty little creep he is, then I'd say it worked beautifully.

This was supposedly Obama's best moment:

All I got out of Obama's condescending answer was that he likes to substitute snark for substance.  At no point did Obama attempt to explain why the Navy was wrong to ask for the 350 ships that Romney was talking about.  Also, I doubt Obama's snark will play very well in Virginia.

I thought Romney's best moment came when he was talking about Obama's Apology Tour:

Obama didn't really have an answer for that, other than to lie and try to hide behind the corrupt media's skirt.  And he won't have an answer for all the coverage Benghazi gets over the next two weeks, either.

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